Best Practices

Best practices to develop, manage and scale advanced conversational interfaces

Scaling and managing

Multiple deployment environments from development to production. Monitoring and analytics console for chatbot management after go live.

Development best practices

All resources are automatically versioned, giving transparency on what has been deployed in each environment and enabling rollbacks.

Regression tests

End to end tests to ensure chatbot performance during development and improvement cycles.

Artificial Intelligence

Proprietary state of the art technology to build smartest AIs

Proprietary AI

State of the art proprietary machine learning fine tuned for performance and best results.

Dataset generation

Conversate Platform generates large datasets from few examples, making it possible to use state of the art algorithms that are data hungry since the beginning of the project.

Advanced dialogue managers

Dialogue managers developed with code to enable advanced interactions, integratons with additional services and consistency between chatbot and business logic.


Ready and aligned with large enterprises needs

Cloud and on-premises

Conversate Platform is available as Cloud SaaS, both multi-tenant and single-tenant, and On-Premises.

Privacy, compliance and security

Compliant with GDPR and EU-U.S. Safe Harbor.
Security best practices and Security by Design.

Professional services

Design and development of custom conversational interfaces, support, and training. Professional services are delivered by Conversate or by our Partners.

Meet MArIO, UBI Banca's migration assistant

  • First Artificial Intelligence Chatbot in production in an Italian bank, live since September 2017

  • Time to go live 8 weeks, knowledge base tripled in the first 3 months

  • Strong user engagement, used by 40% of employees

Read the case study    Link

Blu, Prysmian Group's intranet assistant

  • Intranet Virtual Assistant supporting 30,000 employees all over the world, live since June 2018

  • Time to go live 6.5 weeks, improved in few days thanks to Group global presence

  • Helping employees on their common HR, IT, and Communication needs

Read the case study    Link

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